Iray Render Server

Are you renders taking too long? Do they tie up your PC for hours on end? Do you wish you could offload all of that onto another machine? Well, now you can.

Please take a moment to read this small FAQ, with more detailed instructions below. My contact details are at the bottom of this page.


How does it work?

You connect to the server from within Daz Studio and submit your renders to the queue (each render is referred to as a 'job'). The server then works through the queue. The advantages of this is two-fold. Firstly, as soon as the job has uploaded to the server (the time taken is dependant on the scene and your own upload speeds. etc) you are then free to continue to use Daz Studio, or you can close your PC down altogether. For detailed usage instructions, please see below.

If you resubmit a job (i.e change the render size, quality or iteration value) or add another image to the queue that is simply a change of camera position etc, the data is already cached on the server so upload times are greatly reduced.

For security, the uploaded data is stored in way that is not accessible directly to anything but the server software. So pre-release items are safe from unauthorized access/use from anyone (even myself as admin).  This also addresses any copyright concerns, you're not actively distributing the files.

The jobs are rendered on a first come first serve basis, with the priority of each job being determined by your account type (see below for details)

Monitoring of your job is done via the Iray server web interface. You will be issued with your own username (numerical only for privacy reasons). Please note your job titles are public, so if you wish to preserve confidentiality, please name them accordingly. You can then watch the progress in real-time, as well as view details such as render time, iterations, quality etc.

You can copy jobs once completed and edit the resolution/iteration count/quality settings as well. Ideal for having quick low-res tests and then simply setting a final render version and letting it render away.

The server does not need to have the content on it prior to you submitting a job. The scene data is sent from your own machine, so it can be any content (store released or your own creation). Once the job is removed from the server, so is any data.


What are the specs? 

Intel I9-9820X)
4 x 2080Ti's 11Gb GPU's
64Gb RAM
Windows 10
Fully watercooled loop


How much does it cost?

The pricing is now in two forms: on a per-30 days flat rate (with different priority tiers) and pay as you go.  Since the server works on a first-come-first-served basis, the tiers used to assign a priority to the jobs are as follows:

Standard tier - $50 (for 30 days unlimited* use access)

Fast tier - $75 (for 30 days unlimited* use access)

VIP tier - $100 a month (for 30 days unlimited* use access)

Pay as you go - $0.40 a minute (unlimited* access billed monthly)

*All accounts are 'unlimited' in terms of how many renders you can submit in that period, however this is bound by a fair-use policy.  This is protect the server from being abused and gives me the right to either cancel a job or bump it down the queue.  For example, rendering 10's of images at super high resolution (say 5000 x 5000 or larger) - is politely prohobited unless it's without prior consent.  If the server is quiet - then it's fine, but if it's busy please try to give everyone a fair go.

Standard/PAYG have the default priority.  The Fast tier is a higher priority, so any jobs on this tier will be rendered above any of the Standard/PAYG jobs. VIP tier sits at the top, so any jobs in this tier go to the front of the queue.  If there are is nothing in the queue, the priorities are irrelevant... whatever comes in gets rendered first.  Remember, you can view the queue on the server before you submit a job (see the detailed instructions below).

If common-sense is used, then I won't have to intervene, so hopefully everyone can just use it as they normally would and everything will be fine.  If I see what I feel is abnormal use/abuse of the server I will contact you to discuss a way forward.

Payments will be via handled via Paypal.  Please contact me for payment details.  Payment for the Standard/Fast/VIP is due up front.  Pay as you go accounts are billed monthly (around the first few days of the following month).  Any refunds, either in full or in part will be at my discretion and not guarateed.  By purchasing an account you agree to these terms.  I don't guarantee specific amounts of up time - the machine is available 24/7, but if it is offline for any unforseen circumstances I will credit the time lost (but again at my discretion).

Sadly there isn't the automation to drop/change from tiered accounts to PAYG, it's essentially, pick one, then go from there.  If you wish to have uninterrupted access, please consider setting up some sort of automatic payment - otherwise I will just stopping accounts once the payment period ends.  I don't sadly have the man-power yet to automate reminders or anything - though it is something I am looking into.


Can I try it?

Yes.. please contact me for a trial account.  This is on the understanding of a single image is sent to the server, and small enough to be completed in 10-15 minutes.  It's there to purely check your upload speed, the server, etc.


How do I sign up?

Email me at for details.


I have a question and it's not on here!

Please feel free to contact me. If it's something obvious, I'll add it to this FAQ.


Server is not responding/displaying a error message

Please report the issue at


Known Issues

- Smoothing occassionally has rendering issues, resulting in some poke-through (which is not visible in local views/renders). There seems to be a bug between Daz Studio and the Iray Server, results are usually easily corrected but still be aware of this potential problem.

- Wifi connections/Slow upload speed can cause issues transferring data to the server. It appears in a few instances wifi connections are problematic, for best results please use a wired connection to your home network and ensure you have a relatively decent bandwidth

- Daz Studio/Iray Server doesn't currently support rendering of animations.

- If you have issues rendering with alpha maps, re-submit (Circular icon next to the stop button) and edit the job. Change the bit-depth (Under Buffers) to RGB only and it will render it 'flat'

- If you get job rejected, ensure you are not using and special characters in the job title. If the problem persists please let me know, the server will probably need a reboot.

Guidelines and Fair Use

Please note there are now two servers, port 9090 and 7070.

Please use one or the other, but if you use one, don't also submit your other jobs to the second server. Ideally if one goes down, one will stay up until I can reboot it.

Please set a reasonable time limit on your jobs. Should the server drop to CPU, it wll ensure the render doesn't jam the server up. 3600 seconds should be fine for most jobs, and if you need to resubmit (if it's grainy) then a maximum of 7200

Please try to limit the number of jobs submitted concurrently. If they are rendering in less than 10 minutes per frame, then you may upload in small batches (no more than 10 please) but do bear in mind that I might have to clear the cache - which means the queue will then also have to be cleared. So adding a lot of jobs risks losing all of those in the queue

Some people upload a lot of small images which render quickly, some just upload single images that take a while, please respect other users.

If you have used the server for a prolonged period and see other jobs stacking behind it, feel free to adjust the priority to 101+ so other jobs render first.

Detailed Instructions

Ensure you are using the latest version or newer of Daz Studio (currently 4.11). BETA versions are also supported.

Set up your scene as usual and save it, or, load the scene you wish to render

Check the render settings, ensure you have the max iterations/time/quality set approoriately.

Click on the Bridge tab.You will find the Bridge tab under Render Settings > Advanced > Bridge [BETA].



Enter the following details:
Untick Secure Protocol
Your username and password

Click Add to Queue and enter a job name when prompted. Note this name (not image however) is viewable by anyone in the queue, so feel free to keep it as anonymous as you wish. No special characters in the job name either please (- / _ * etc). Please be patient while the scene is uploaded to the server. It may appear within Studio that it has frozen, but it is working. When the progress bar completes, the dialog boxes will disappear and you will then see the job on the server.

To monitor your job/queue open your web browser and enter and log in with the same username and password above.

The Queue section is where you will see the current and queued jobs on the server. Each job has shows the owner, priority, title and progress. If it's your own job, you have the option to stop or copy the job also. Stopping the job will cancel the render and lose all progress that it has made. Note that this time taken will be included in your usage to be sure to only cancel if it's really necessary. If you wish to copy the job, you can do so and at the same time change any render parameters you wish.

 Job priority is by defualt set to 100 for each user. Lower priorities will allow the job to jump the queue, but this won't be enabled unless it's critical to do so. On the whole, the server will operate on a first come first serve. If you see jobs on there with higher priorities, they will wait their turn.

The server does allow job orders to be changed by clicking the icon on the left of the row (3 dashes). While you are allowed to reorder your own jobs, please refrain from simply jumping above all the other jobs in the queue. Persistent offfenders will have their accounts immediately without warning. Again, this only works if everyone plays nice and fair.

Clicking on the job title will display the job details:

Once a job is complete, it moves to the Done section. From here, you can copy the job to re-render if you need to adjust any image settings (resolution, iterations etc). The names need to be unique:

Please remove your job from the server once you have downloaded it. I will periodically clear the cache and results folders to free up space, so leave renders on teh server at your own risk.

Cicking on the Results tab will allow you to see you're completed renders, along with a download link:

Once you have your completed render(s), you can then clear completed jobs using the Clear button in the Done section of the Queue tab:


Contact me

I'm available either via email at or Skype jack.tomalin

Support / Report a Problem

You can easily report an issue or see planned maintenance at